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A fairy is a spirit (supernatural being) found in the legends, folklore, and mythology of many cultures. They are generally humanoid in form, though of a higher, spiritual nature and so possessed of preternatural abilities. They are often depicted with wings and an ethereal glow, lithe and beautiful.

Fairy Babies

Fairy baby dolls and toys.

Prince Tooth Fairy Treasure Box

Prince Tooth Fairy Treasure Box
No description

Koala Baby Plush Receiving Blanket - Fairy

Koala Baby Plush Receiving Blanket - Fairy
Measuring 27-3/4 by 40-1/2 inches, this fluffy, fleecy receiving blanket swaddles newborns or serves as a crib blanket for older babies. Made of lightweight 100-percent polyester, this blanket offers significant warmth and is safe for the washing machine and dryer for no-fuss cleaning. Its sweetly serene lavender color is stitched in one corner with the words "Fairy Princess" and features an embroidered wand-waving fairy and a bunch of stars. The blanket is finished with a decorative blanket stitch edging in a corresponding shade of purple. --Cristina Vaamonde

Fairy Tales Twin Bedding Quilt & Sham Set

Fairy Tales Twin Bedding Quilt & Sham Set
No description

Fairy Tales Full Bedding Quilt & Sham Set

Fairy Tales Full Bedding Quilt & Sham Set
No description

Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy Box
Losing your first tooth is quite a milestone. This sweet tooth fairy box is a unique baby gift idea and will be a cherished keepsake as baby loses her pearly whites. Made of sterling silver, it has a tiny golden replica of the tooth fairy herself atop the lid. This petite keepsake stands just under 2 inches tall--just the right size to tuck under a pillow. --Melissa Wilson

Fairy Babies

Fairy Babies
No description

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